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Documents and Pictures for 75 Monroe

Final Site Plans, Jan 2014 Addendum

Final Site Plan Addendum #3, Jan 2014 -  This is the complete submission to the Board and includes updated drawings and new text that describes changes.  No significant changes have been made to the site layout.

Final Site Plans, September 2013

Final Site plans for the 75 Monroe Development were first submitted in September 2013.  These plans follow the same layout as the preliminary site plans but they provide more details.  Some of the drawings are available on the links below:
Sept 2013 Site Plans 1 - Overview of site layout.
Sept 2013 Site Plans 2 - Detailed layout of northern half of site.
Sept 2013 Site Plans 3 - Detailed layout of southern half of site.
Sept 2013 Site Plans 9 - Alterations to Sutherland St. for water main upgrade.  Note: trees will be removed.
Sept 2013 Site Plans 12 - Landscaping plan for northern half of site.
Sept 2013 Site Plans 13 - Landscaping plan for southern half of site.

Preliminary Site Plans, June/July 2013

The developer has submitted preliminary site plans for the 75 Monroe Development in June / July of 2013.  The previous approvals are still valid and the Developer can still use the previously approved plans if these new plans are denied.

New Site Layout - The number of apartment buildings is reduced from seven to five.  The restaurant has been moved from the Canal and is now along Monroe Ave. at the left of the image.  There will be a 6 apartments over the restaurant and the remaining 161 apartments are condensed into 5 buildings.  The 5 prominent apartment buildings are each larger as a result.
Some more detailed plans:
Detailed Site Plan 1
Detailed Site Plan 2
Detailed Site Plan 4

Approved regulating Plan 3-8-2012 - This was approved with the Special Use Permit in November of 2012.  The restaurant is along the canal in the bottom center of the image.  There are 7 apartment buildings in addition to the restaurant.

Letter from Developer; DRC Committee memo on new plans - The developer submitted a letter to the trustees requesting they review the new plans.  The DRC committee, consisting of members of all three Village boards, submitted a memo describing changes and some issues that need to be addressed.

Images of Apartment Buildings:
Building 1000
Building 2000
Building 3000
Building 4000
Building 5000

The size of buildings relative to Pittsford Main Street.  Note this is based on drawings submitted in March, 2013 which are different than the current drawings.  The building sizes are similar.
[Link to Full Size Image]


These documents are in the public record at the Village office.  Meeting minutes are available on the Pittsford Village web site.  There is a tremendous amount of documentation available, we are posting the most important documents as they become available.

Special Use Permit Resolution - This is the final text of the resolution passed by the Trustees.  This is the permit that authorizes 75 Monroe to be used for a 125 seat restaurant and 167 apartments.  It is NOT a building permit and does not authorize construction.  Many more permits are needed before construction can start.  A building permit will not be issued until the site is cleaned and final plans are passed by the Planning Board and the Architectural Review Board.

Environmental Review (SEQR) - This is the official environmental review passed by the Board of Trustees.  It is a long document with lots of useful information.  Part 1 is project description, Part 2 is a form listing the possible environmental concerns, Part 3 is a detailed writeup of findings for each item labeled as a potential environmental concern and starts on page 22.

75 Monroe Traffic Study (2007) - Traffic study to 75 Monroe.  It does list several concerns including:
  • Vehicles will have difficulty leaving the site during evening rush hour.
  • Vehicles traveling over the Canal bridge at >40mph will have insufficient site distance to stop for traffic exiting 75 Monroe Ave.
Monroe Ave. Traffic Report (2010) or HERE- Traffic report for Monroe Ave. through both the Town of Pittsford and the Village of Pittsford.  It includes traffic history and projections for the entire length including the conjested region around Wegmans.  Critical findings:
  • Traffic has remained constant between 2001 and 2010.  [Note: no one believes this, residents believe traffic has increased substantially in this time]
  • The future is not so bright.  Construction at 3750 Monroe in the town and 75 Monroe in the Village will put critical intersections "over capacity" with "15-60 minute" delays.
Planning Board Report - Meeting minutes and report from the Planning board.  The report begins on page 4.  The planning board did a detailed investigation into how 75 Monroe will affect the community.  The report details their findings including Fire, Police, Schools, Ambulance, Water, Sewer, Gas & Electric Service, Noise, Taxes, etc.  The planning board did not find any negative impact on community services.

R5 Zoning - This is the zoning laws that apply to 75 Monroe.

Architectural Review Board Report - Meeting minutes of the APRB when they voted that the 75 Monroe plans are NOT compatible with the scale and massing of the Village.

SHPO Report - Report from the NY State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).  It does not look like they thoroughly review the project.  Their advise was to plant some trees.

APRB Consultant Report - Report from Crawford & Stearns, April 27, 2011.  This firm specializes in preservation architecture and their report covers the compatibility with the character of Pittsford Village.  They liked the version of plans better than previous plans and they liked the architectural style and orientation of buildings.  Their statements on building size were inconsistent: "the new buildings do not have a residential scale to the buildings" but they "establish compatibility with canal side areas of the Village."  The report focuses on architectural style and skirts the issue of the physical size being appropriate for the Village.  They did make the statement that the concept is "compatible with the historic character of the Village of Pittsford."

Timeline - This is the timeline for the 75 Monroe project.  This comes from the flyer mailed to residents by the Village.

DEC Cleanup Plan - This big document contains the details of the cleanup plan for 75 Monroe.  It covers lots of details even smaller things like cleaning your boots when leaving the site and procedures for cleaning trucks that leave the site before entering public roads.

DEC Addendum to Cleanup plan - An addendum to the cleanup plan that discusses removal of the building.

DEC Draft RIW - This is a document from the DEC about the site cleanup.  It is mostly useful because it has the relevant DEC contacts that are in charge of this project.


Many of the images below are very large.  They may display poorly on your web browser.  To see the full size image click on the link and then use the File menu on the page and select Download.

Sketch of buildings 1-6.
Overhead view of the entire site.
Simulated view from the other side of the canal.
Size of 75 Monroe vs Pittsford Main Street
Size of Building 1 vs Pittsford Library.
Size of Building 1 vs Schoen Place.
Size of Building 1 vs Pittsford Flour Mill.
Building 2 sketch.
Building 6 Sketch.

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