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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Fairy Garden Kits

Did you miss the Fairy Garden Event? Purchase a kit! They make a great gift or activity for adults and children alike.

Young children may need some help. Not suitable for children under 4.

Kits include the following:
  • Container
  • Soil
  • Plant
  • Fairy House and landscape kit - Clay Pot, mosses, tree bark, stones and gravel
  • Fairy chairs kit
  • Choose 2 features (kits) from Hammock, Koi pond, Table, Fire Ring
  • Fairy Bed
  • Choose a sign: "Gnome Home" or a Flower Fairy 
  • "Fairy Treasure" We will include one "found item" in your ki
  • Fairy "dishes" (acorn caps)  and "fairy food" (coriander seeds)
  • Instructions
Kits are available for free delivery or pickup in Pittsford.  Please call if you have any questions: 310-1925

Note: Kits do not contain adhesive; we recommend fast-setting no-odor "Beacon Fabric-Fix" or "Beacon Three-in One," available at craft stores like Michaels and AC Moore.  

The kit includes everything you need to make gardens like these:

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