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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Trustee Meeting on 75 Monroe

The Village of Pittsford Trustees have a special meeting on July 2, 7pm, at Sutherland High School.
The agenda for this meeting is to review a new site plan for 75 Monroe. This is a public hearing where the public can state their opinions on this new plan. The project still consists of 167 apartments and a restaurant.

The developer has submitted a request to the Trustees to approve a new Regulating Plan for 75 Monroe Ave.  This new Regulating Plan is a new layout for the site.  Changes include moving the restaurant, reducing the number of apartment buildings, and moving larger buildings towards the back of the site. Since the number of buildings has been reduced, the size of the buildings has increased. Much of this size increase is in the depth of the buildings.

The previously approved Regulating Plan is still valid and the developer can use this as their site layout.

The trustees have two options:
1. They can approve this new plan with or without modifications.
2. They can reject the new plan.  If the new plan is rejected then the developer intends to use the previously approved plans.

The important thing to note here is this is not an opportunity to block development of the site, but it is an opportunity to suggest changes to the site layout.

There is a Development Review Committee (DRC), that consists of members from all 3 Village Boards and they have sent a memo to the Trustees detailing changes for the Trustees to consider. These proposed changes are reflected in the new site plan.

New Site Plan

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